Date: 09/19/20


This set of Nike Dunk Highs pays homage to Michigan's rich basketball history.  The Midnight Navy / Maize Dunk High was one of Nike's eight "Be True" schools back in 1985.  Although it wasn't part of the original "Be True" program, the White / Pro Green Dunk celebrates one of the most dominant programs in the NCAA.  Through our series of projects with Notre, we've taken this classic shoe and highlighted how it has transcended into our subcultures over the years.

The relationship between Premier and Notre began with the Dunk. As Notre co-founder and Grand Rapids native MJ Jaworowski tells it, it was catching a glimpse of a pair of SBs at a hockey game that got him hooked on sneakers and lead him to a job at Premier working for co-founder Eric Blanding.  These features began rolling out this week with the Premier session at the Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center. We’ve captured this multifaceted project with a risographed zine printed by Grand Rapids’ Issue Press, which will be distributed with all pairs of Michigan and Michigan State Dunks sold by both Premier and Notre this weekend. It includes features on Michigan-based creators like Hamtramck Ceramck and Cliff Skywalker, a focus on DIY skate spots throughout the state, and more.

Alongside the Dunks and zine, we're launching the Premier "Pleasant Peninsula" private label collection.  The collection features heavyweight crews and hoodies with dense embroidery and screen printed t-shirts featuring Michigan's state motto.  "If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you"

Release details below:


As you may have guessed, the Dunk release will only be available within the state of Michigan.  We will be holding a draw for a chance to purchase a pair that will go live on Friday, Sept 18th from 1:00pm - 1:10pm.  We will have two sets of inventory, one for locals within 30 miles of the store and another for anyone else in Michigan.  When you enter please choose "In Store" if you're local or "Michigan" if you're outside of 30 miles.  You can enter once for each shoe.  DO NOT enter if you're outside of Michigan, you won't be able to place the order if you win.  Local draw winners will be required to pick up their shoes at the store, all the others will be shipped.  Winners will be emailed on Saturday, Sept 19th at 10:00am.  If you do not receive an email your entry wasn't selected.

Drawing Terms & Conditions

Price:  $120 + shipping 

Sizes:  5.5 - 14

How to enter the draw?  See the first two images.

Each pair of Dunks comes with the zine, Premier mini pendant or mini foam finger.


We will be releasing the apparel in-store only on Friday at 11:00am.  It will be available at both our Wealthy and Weston locations.  We will have a limited number of zines, pendants and foam fingers to give out with apparel purchases too.   We will also have a custom display at Wealthy, so stop by if you want to see the Dunks in person.  The apparel will go online Saturday at 7:00pm ET.

Apparel sizes:  XS - XXL

Crews:  $72

Hoods:  $78

T-Shirts:  $30