Date: 09/15/20

Today we are launching the first of our Michigan features with Notre leading up to the Michigan & Michigan State Dunk release.  Two weeks ago our crew was able to get access to Detroit's historic Brewster-Wheeler Rec Center for a session and photo shoot.  Photos by Blake Jablonski

Opened in 1917, the Brewster-Wheeler Recreation Center was a major hub for the Brush Park neighborhood of Detroit, offering locals a place of safe and inclusive community. Originating as a library, the building grew into a center focused on activities, including a boxing ring used for training by Joe Louis, Diana Ross's childhood swimming pool, and a basketball court that hosted the first Harlem Globetrotters game. The building was closed in 2006, leaving a state of dissary for us to explore and skate in the following visual tour.

"I dedicate this building for the people of the city of Detroit, regardless of race, color or creed. I realize that much prejudice exists in Detroit, but a building of this kind will wipe it out" - Former Detroit Mayor, Mayor John C. Nagel