Date: 03/14/17

Late Winter/ early Spring in Chicago is a crap shoot. One weekend it's 70 degree global warming, and the next it's Blizzard conditions. We got caught somewhere in between the two with a constant mist making everything just wet enough to make it impossible to skate. Fortunately, Vans put us up for a Wear Test for the new Gilbert Crockett in the much drier and warmer setting at the House of Vans. I have got to say, they're pretty ready to skate right out of the box, and the new color option draped in Black to the floor is looking pretty good. Browse through the few images we did capture, or check out the shoes by clicking on the images. Thanks again to Vans for putting us up and to Gilbert and everyone that made it a great Chicago trip.

Handsome Boy Modeling School Attendee/ Flu-season boardslide attempt: Teddy Seeley

Front bluntslide into hip: Nelson Solivan

Photos: Chris Gray