Date: 09/08/16
Title: The Clemente Games

Welcome ladies, gentlemen and all kids. Today i will tell from the emergence of Clemente D.I.Y. and the Clemente Games. Clemente energed from ruins of the former Roberto Clemente tennis courts. It was a terrible time with many disasters for example droughts, storms, fires and the brutal war for the little food, but also land swallowed by sea. Today Clemente is a D.I.Y. surrounded by 12 districts, the 13th District was in the uprising, called Dark Days, destroyed. As punishment, the Clemente Games were introduced. The rules are not difficult. All tributes fight each other through 7 events. At the end only one tribute will survive. Of course that is brutal but you can not do anything about it. If you should try it we will kill you all. Also, I tell you celebrate the games as a event. The surviving tribute will win a pair of adidas. The other people must live without some dope adidas. Finally, a message to you, fight and will the winner then you have a good pair of adidas.


  • Skateboard Toss
  • Triathlon 
  • Best no push line on the ledges
  • Pole jam best trick
  • Long ollie contest
  • High ollie contest
  • hotdog eating contest 


  • 12:00