Date: 04/12/19
Title: PREMIERmag ISSUE #2
PREMIERmag Issue #2. This issue is dedicated to one of our founding fathers, Josh Higginson - who led the Premier team to skateboarding victory time and time again in the land of friendship, with laughter and wisdom of skate knowledge handed down from legends everywhere. Seeing Josh plunge over the side of a bank ramp in an effort to fire up the session would make most assume it's the end of the party, only to see his running shoes stomp down a kickflip in a succeeding attempt and roll fakie smoothly into the void we call happiness. This happiness is harnessed in the pages of Issue #2. The issue includes quotes from The Choice of a New Generation, international tall-tales, gravity defying stunts, visual stimulation, instructions to sonically enhance your life, and much more. Free secret sequence mini zine included. Scroll through the image gallery below for a preview of the periodical, and simply click through the photos for more details.