Date: 12/13/18

We will be holding a special release event for the Purple Lobster Dunk Low this Thursday at Fish Lads at the Downtown Market.  Reasons to attend:  Half off lobster party, free t-shirts and a chance to purchase the Purple Lobster Dunk Low!

The event will consist of a Copdate raffle that can be entered at Fish Lads from 4 - 7pm on December 13th.  The raffle is free to enter and gives you a chance to purchase the Purple Lobster Dunk.  If you don't have it yet, download Copdate and follow Premier ahead of time.

Also, the good people at Fish Lads will be selling Lobster Rolls for half off during the event (while supplies last).   And last but not least we will be giving away limited edition Fish Lads x Premier Lobster T-shirts to anyone that shows up wearing SB Dunks and enters the raffle.  Again while supplies last on the T-shirts.

Winning notifications will be sent out through Copdate on Friday, December 14th at noon.  If you are a winner you will have two hours to confirm your pair for pickup at Premier on Saturday, December 15th.

Sizes available:  4 - 14

Price:  $100

One pair per customer, any duplicate raffle entries will be disqualified.

Online release is TBD, we will update this page below with any online release information.  It will depend on the availability of our stock after the raffle.

Online Release Updates