Date: 06/21/19

We recently took a trip to Minneapolis to skate with Nike SB, and wear test some Orange Label gear. We were blessed to spend a rainy day at Hiawatha Bowl, and got to skate some spots both familiar and new. Huge thanks to Nike SB and Familia for the hospitality, and to the shops involved - Uprise, Subsect, Rukus, Humidity, Blacklist, Plus, Westside, Black Sheep, Labor, and Civil. Scroll through for a visual tour. Photography by Blake Jablonski. Video by Tim Fulton. 

^DJ Plummer - Alleyway front smith.


^Tyler Tufty over the skimmer hole.


^Nick Cabrera over the secret tunnel blackhole. 


^Nick, from high to low.


^Keith Denley glides through a back smith and back lip. 


^Bookworm rollin' into the tunnel's abyss.


^Jammin' Jay was shredding every inch of this bowl and it was near impossible to know what was coming next. This frontside carve over the hole was one of the only moments I was quick enough to catch. 


^DJ - Crooks tail grab.


^Brian Estrada hits a front crook. 


^Philly Santosuosso - Front blunt against the window.