Date: 10/01/19
We recently went to Chicago and met up with Nike SB and some of the best skate shops in the Midwest. Scroll through for a visual tour. Huge thanks to Nike SB and to the shops involved - Uprise, Sky High, Select, Rukus, No-Comply, Magnolia, Homegrown, Blacklist, Seasons, Prosper, Unheardof, Westside, Home Skateshop, Familia. Photos by (B)lake Jablonski and (C)hris Gray.

-p. (B)lake Jablonski

Max Murphy through the tube - p.(C)hris Gray

Max - Cable K grind - p.(C)

Anthony Marshello - 5-0 switch crooks combo. - p.(C)

Andrew Chuchvara - Boardslide for the city - p.(B)

Back to back with Philip Lipschutz. (Cincinnati stand up) - p.(B)

Elias Bingham - Wallie - p.(B)



Max - Out to the docks over the water with the backpack on! - p.(B)

-p. (B)

p. (C)


DJ Plummer - Ollie up and over to curb truck bash - p.(B)