Date: 02/02/17
Title: LEVI'S
A heavy hitting Levi's delivery is now available, including vintage branding and vintage garments, like the 501Z. These particular selvedge 501's carry the 1954 fit, which at the time was controversial because of the slim and tapered cut. The 'Z' stands for zipper, a detail added to move away from button fly's to appeal to an east coast market that was more used to zippered pants at the time. Stepping forward into the 1960's - we see a long sleeve denim button-up with an orange tab - something added to give Levi's a new feel to accompany the baby-boom era, stepping away from the traditional well known red tab. In addition, new updated Levi's fits and garments are also available from the Levi's skateboarding collection and commuter series. Click through the photos below to shop through the entire Levi's collection now.