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Vans: Off the Wall: Stories Of Sole From Vans Originals

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  • Vans: Off the Wall: Stories Of Sole From Vans Originals
  • Category : Skateboarding | Pop Culture
  • Author : Doug Palladini
  • Format : Hardcover, 208 Pages

Product Details

Vans: Off the Wall illustrates, through vivid photography and compelling oral history, how a casual canvas shoe and a do-it-yourself spirit have helped turn pop culsture insude out.  Vans: Off the Wall tells the multi-generational story of the community that encompasses boards, bikes, art, music, and street culture, as well as the iconic shoes keeping it all together. With oral histories from Tony Alva, Joel Tudor, Steve Caballero, Stacy Peralta, Oliver Peck and others, Vans: Off the Wall provides an intimate, visually stunning account of how the company has changed the face of pop culture since its founding in 1966. The book features photography by the top action sports and lifestyle photographers in the world, including Craig Stecyk, Bryce Kanights, Grant Brittain, Art Brewer, and Trevor Graves, all presented with an energetic design that evokes both a punk zine aesthetic and California coastal cool.


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