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The Brodies DVD Box Set (Jeremy Elkin)

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  • The Brodies DVD Box Set (Jeremy Elkin)
  • Category : Arts & Entertainment | Photography & Video | Culture | Skateboarding
  • Author : Jeremy Elkin
  • Format : DVD + Hardcover, 50 Pages

Product Details

  • The Elkin DVD set (2006-2014) contains fifty pages of photographs from the making of all four of Jeremy Elkin's projects: Lo-Def, Elephant Direct, Poisonous Products and The Brodies
  • Featuring photography shot by Dan Zaslavsky, Allen Ying, Geoff Clifford, Zander Taketomo, Dan Mathieu, as well as various skateboarders' perspectives
  • Foreword written by Color Magazine's editor-in-chief, Sandro Grison
  • The hardcover book was designed to be the size of a DVD jewel case, so it can easily accompany the rest of your independent skate video library

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