Next Generation Bearings

$ 30.00

  • Bronson Speed Co. Bearings
  • Includes the following: Set of 8 bearings, 8 washers, and 4 spacers.
  • Deep Groove Raceways: Balls sit and roll deeper in the raceway channels than weaker shallow groove designs.
  • Straight Edge Frictionless Shields: Non-contact rubber shields fit deep in the inner race edge- reduces oil leak and dirt & moisture intrusion.
  • Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces: Self-smoothing microscopic linear grooved raceway surfaces improve bearing lubrication and spin.
  • Max Impact Cage Design: Strong, non-distortion glass filled nylon cage keep the balls precision spaced and oil circulating.
  • High Speed Ceramic Oil: Oil is blended with nano-ceramic compounds for anti-wear protection for longer lasting bearings and improved speed.
  • Balls Out Technology: For optimum high speed performance install bearing with the designated balls-out/cage-in orientation (black pinstriped shields facing outside of wheel.)

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