Every city has that skate spot where everybody meets up. In the 90's we were lucky enough to have a perfect Plaza. The Monroe Center Amphitheatre was filled with ledges, rails, stairs and the famous yellow benches and on any given day, you knew that you would run into somebody down there and a session would ensue. It also didn't hurt to have someone like Kalis grow up in your town, not to mention other notables like Sean Sheffey, Brian Young and Greg Hunt. Unfortunately, in 1997, the city began the process of opening the street back up to traffic and soon after the demolition and rebuilding of the amphitheatre ensued. Today we are left with the current Rosa Parks theatre, an open and flat wasteland for skaters.

Nearly 20 years later, we stumbled upon one of those yellow benches underneath the city streets that inspired us to create the nostalgic graphic seen on this tee and deck. To celebrate this, our second DGK project, we hosted an event at DIY Clemente that reintroduced the bench back to the scene.